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About The Flywheel

The Flywheel started in August 2020 when Jake was leaving his job at Amazon. While there, he became drawn (no pun intended) to the concept of the flywheel, which is used internally to describe the components that lead to increasing, accelerating growth. The canonical Amazon flywheel looks like this:

Jake realized that the same framework could be applied to other companies, and he was riding his Peloton a lot in those days. Thus, The Flywheel’s first post was born.

Since then he’s written posts about Stitch Fix, Zillow, DoorDash, Lululemon, and Zoom.

What is a Flywheel?

In a simple graphic, a flywheel explains the success formula for a company or system. As X increases, it leads to more of Y, which in turn increases Z. As Z increases it flows back to X and the cycle begins anew. I believe that behind every successful company is a flywheel that is well understood—at least internally.

A company’s flywheel explains why it becomes easier to run a business as it continues to operate. Like compounding interest, investments in one area of the business flow through to every other area of the business. These set off a series of accumulating advantages that the company enjoys over time. A company that understands its own flywheel can identify where the wheel is spinning smoothly, and where a little bit of grease might come in handy.

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