Jake, really well done here. Its' interesting re-reading this analysis and then watching point solution competitors like HiPlatform go from $0 to $2b valuation in 18 months focused only on "large virtual conferences".

(something you allude to).

Keep these up. I hope you write more flywheel posts on SaaS companies!

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Sep 8, 2020Liked by Jake Singer

Jake! This is fantastic content. You're a rockstar. It really made me think.

I think "good enough" is enough when it comes to chat communication, and that's why we saw Microsoft Teams eating Slacks lunch which forced their subsequent tie-up with Amazon. However, when it comes to video, which takes a lot more bandwidth, my thirst for better, more consistent quality is never satiated.

Btw, I love Facebook Portal is great but it didn't take off at all. I think Zoom could compete in the @ home hardware space. It's a crowded field, but at least they would own something rather than be vassals to the cloud providers.

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Sep 4, 2020Liked by Jake Singer

Please zoom buy slack! Slacks video chat sucks. I always just start zoom calls from slack instead of using their built in functionality.

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